Make Your Own Paleo Blueberry Muffin

"Can you please make a paleo blueberry muffin that I can prepare in less than 2 minutes?" - We hear that a lot. And we get it - who wouldn't want to have a freshly made paleo blueberry muffin???

Well, no matter how we tried to flip it around, there's just no way to put fresh blueberries in a packet, unless you cover them with tons of sugar and/or preservatives. Or just dry the heck out of them till the point that they are tasteless. We looked at them all, but couldn't find something that when we added to our muffins would make us feel like we are eating our favorite aunt's blueberry muffins straight out of the oven....

But wait! this doesn't mean there's no other way to make a paleo blueberry muffin in less than 2 minutes!! Yay, there is a solution, and guess what? it tastes just awesome!! :) You guessed it - we used our "ready in less than 2 minutes" certified paleo muffins. And it is so simple to make one, that you'll never want it any other way.

paleo blueberry muffin

You are probably already impatient to get the instructions (if you didn't already skip all the intro to this point hehe), so here goes:

Take a bunch of fresh blueberries (about 5-7).

We thought that our Nutty Maple muffin would go great with blueberries. Pour the contents of the packet into a glass cup or coffee mug and add water (tip: we found out that adding just a tiny bit less water than usual works best since there is also moisture coming from the blueberries. It is better if the batter is not too running).

Place half the blueberries at the bottom of a 2nd coffee mug or cup.

Pour half the prepared batter on top of the blueberries.

Add the rest of the blueberries to the cup and pour the rest of the batter on top of them.

By making these layers, we are making sure that the blueberries are spread more evenly throughout the muffin.

Lastly, heat it in the microwave for 90 seconds. And that's basically it!!

You might want to let it cool for a minute after you take it out of the microwave since the blueberries will be hot. Add some side of berries of any kind. Perfect for a morning snack or throughout your day. Let us know in the comments section if you tried it.




Shira Krakowski
Shira Krakowski


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